Kindness is Contagious


When we talk about mindfulness, we mean a deeper sense of awareness. There are several definitions of mindfulness and sometimes people run away from that word. But, awareness is a little easier to digest. It is almost impossible not to be AWARE of the coronavirus. It can be a scary time. It can also be a time of learning and growing, and a time of creating understanding through awareness.

I am sure you have changed some of your behaviors because of the coronavirus. Have you thought about the people in your circle who are older or who could possibly be dramatically affected if they contract the virus? Has your awareness increased?

Compassion also means being aware of our interconnectedness. I can’t remember a time when it has been so apparent how connected we all are. How one person’s (a friend, a colleague or even a stranger’s ) wellbeing is of such concern. We want everyone to BE well so that we all ARE well. We are AWARE that our collective wellness matters.

Have you noticed how many times you touch your face or how long you wash your hands? Paying attention to everyday things, feelings and sensations builds awareness. When you wash your hands do you turn off the water while you soap up? What effect do these new habits have on the environment? On the world at large?

Yes, the virus is contagious. But fact not fear can be a healthy prescription. How contagious is a smile? A small act of kindness? The word contagious can be scary and it can also help us grow in healthy ways. Neighbors helping neighbors, FaceTiming friends so they don’t feel isolated, and just breathing and giving yourself some space to gain perspective will help you build good habits that can become contagious.

Be well. Stay calm. Make awareness your daily wellness practice.

Leanne Rubenstein
Compassion Cultivator/Co-Director
Compassionate Atlanta

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