Do You Remember Being Six?



Do you remember being six? It was a an exciting and scary time. First grade. More responsibility. More pressure? And a whole lot of future ahead of us.

Guess what? Compassionate Atlanta’s six this year! Yippee! A time of growth and learning. Excited that we have so much potential and so much ahead of us. And, already we’ve come so far. First grade is no joke.

Have you ever heard the saying, “in first grade you are learning to read. And by second grade you are reading to learn.“? I think sometimes it’s the same with compassion. At first, you have to try it on and see how it feels. But after a while it feels more comfortable than not. Actually, compassion is like a muscle. It gets stronger and stronger each time you use it. It takes practice. So, I am inviting you to continue to celebrate “random acts of kindness“. Yes, it’s official! We are six and random acts of kindness can change our world.

Try one of these on for fun:

  1. Become a Compassionate Atlanta $6 supporter to spread compassion😊❤️.
  2. Buy flowers or just a simple treat for someone at your office, or school, just to say thank you for being there and working so hard.
  3. Call your mom or dad, sibling, or friend and just remind them how special they are.
  4. Plant trees: plan a tree planting day with your neighborhood, school, Girl Scouts (we’ve even got the seedlings for you! click here)
  5. Compliment random people on things you notice about them.
  6. Pick up litter, give a hug, donate blood, leave a sweet note, smile….you get the idea.

Six great ideas. Six years and growing. Help us make an impact – you are the fuel of kindness and compassion.

Thank you for your investment in our future and your constant support,

The CA Team

Leanne Rubenstein
Compassion Cultivator/Co-Director
Compassionate Atlanta

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Kroger Community Rewards

Did you know that you can help create a more compassionate Atlanta every time you go to the supermarket?

If you have a registered Kroger Plus Card (available for free at the Customer Service desk in every Kroger store) and a Kroger Community Rewards online account, and choose us as your designated non-profit organization, your purchases will begin earning rewards for Compassionate Atlanta within 7 to 10 business days!