Posted by on January 26, 2018

I wish I could’ve taken a photo of what I saw the other day on I-285. You know, the busy never ending traffic loop that circles around Atlanta? What I saw was a funeral procession. There were two police officers on motorcycles in front, a hearse, and maybe three cars following with their hazard lights on. I noticed that, even on this 5 lane highway, cars didn’t want to pass. There was an interesting moment of respect that I felt with my fellow drivers on I-285. I know there are wonderful stories of the ice storms and how people in these very uncommon circumstances, come together to help one another. But this was a sunny day in the midst of our normal commute. It was as if every driver understood the need to see the common humanity with the person who had died and their mourners.

So, it is possible – I mean the thoroughfare that brings so much frustration to many, day in and day out, for a brief moment, became a place of respect and compassion.

What are you noticing? Let us know about your moments. Is it an act by a stranger or a friend? Is it something you gave or received? 

Let’s share our stories of the best we see in one another.
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Leanne Rubenstein 
Executive Director
Compassionate Atlanta


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