Did you know that you have all the tools you need? But, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming and hard to recognize that they are there. I know I’m surrounded by amazing people and tons of resources. Yet, I find myself trying to go at it alone. Does this happen to you?

One example for me recently is about the challenge of being with people who see the world very differently than me. How do we have a conversation when they are so hard-core and don’t want to budge? Then again, maybe I’m hard-core and don’t want to budge? I’m not necessarily talking about race relations or the many isms that are out there. Just simple disagreements over how to get things done. My way or the highway…

As I struggle with this issue, I realize I have so many people who can help me talk it through. Maybe there is a different way to show up with this person. Maybe there’s a different way to understand where they are coming from. This is hard and my new glasses don’t help :-).

So as the snow continues to melt outside, I wonder if there is a difficulty in your life that just needs some outside support? Who can you call on to help give perspective?

I invite you to join us next Thursday for a monthly Meetup – details below. We will do our best to be that support and help you find the resources that are right here in your life. 

I hope the world is good to you.

Leanne Rubenstein 
Executive Director
Compassionate Atlanta

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