Invest in Kindness


Give Thanks by Investing in Compassionate Atlanta

Do you believe that kindness is contagious?

Is your behavior changed when someone is kind to you versus a person who disregards you or is unfriendly? One small action can change a person’s whole day and that can lead to changes in so many ways.

This is the work of Compassionate Atlanta.
I know you’re on this list because you believe in the value and impact of compassion and kindness. Thank you.

In order for Compassionate Atlanta to be stronger and impact more lives, we need your help. Thanksgiving and GivingTuesday (December 3) is just around the corner. Your act of kindness can help others see the good in the world and be empowered and inspired to do their own act of good.

Please join us in reaching our year-end goal to raise $10,000 to supportthis incredibly important work. For example, your investment helps us show teachers the importance of self-care and bringing compassion into the classroom or uplifts our work with our community partners as we strengthen the work of social and economic justice.

There is much work to be done. Won’t you help us reach this goal? Please invest in compassion– the alternatives are devastating.

Leanne Rubenstein
Compassion Cultivator/Co-Director
Compassionate Atlanta

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Kroger Community Rewards

Did you know that you can help create a more compassionate Atlanta every time you go to the supermarket?

If you have a registered Kroger Plus Card (available for free at the Customer Service desk in every Kroger store) and a Kroger Community Rewards online account, and choose us as your designated non-profit organization, your purchases will begin earning rewards for Compassionate Atlanta within 7 to 10 business days!