If you could turn back time…are you humming it now? Thanks Cher! 🙂.

So, if you could turn back time, what would you want to change? This past week I attended an evening centered around women and race. We were asked about something in our past where we felt a significant emotion or event related to race. One thing that struck me is that even 20/30/40 years later, we harbor strong feelings that have been sitting there. Sitting. Just sitting. How do we clear those feelings and emotions without going back in time?

We all agreed that this isn’t easy work. Can we forgive if the person isn’t around? Forgiveness is hard. Yet, forgiveness is a true gift that we can give ourselves. Have you overcome something when others told you that you’d never be able to/don’t deserve it/aren’t good enough? By forgiving their lack of vision and trust in you, you free yourself of their judgment. Easier said than done.

So, don’t turn back time. FEEL back in time and then SEE how this experience impacted you and finally find a place to FORGIVE. You deserve it. You deserve to let go. Free that space for hope. You’ll love the lightness. I promise.

Leanne Rubenstein
Executive Director
Compassionate Atlanta

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