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Compassion stems from availability of the heart. When we are caught in an ego pattern, “hooked” as the Buddhists would say, not only are our hearts less available to the moment, but we also lose contact with mental clarity and appropriate boundaries.

The Enneagram is a system of remarkable precision and sensitivity, able to guide us to understand and observe our ego, or personality patterns without judgment. Its primary focus is to bring more presence to our every day lives by offering ways to free our mental, emotional and physiological intelligence systems.

As we see what we’re really up to (what habitually hooks us) and what hooks others, we have the opportunity to bring more compassion to ourselves, our conversations, and our relationships.

On July 27th at the next Compassionate Atlanta Meetup (click here for details), we’ll explore the Enneagram of Personality Type and follow the root drivers of our individual personalities to the surface, where they manifest as three specific conflict resolution styles.

Personality Types reveal both our greatest gifts as well as the areas in which we get stuck over and over again. We hope you’ll join us with an open mind, ready to take home some new tools and awareness that can transform how you navigate your lives.

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