Posted by on March 24, 2019

Do you own a perfect pair of shoes? The ones that fit just right. You know what I’m talking about. When you put on that pair of shoes that are meant for… running… dancing…a hike in the woods… dressing up for a date. Those perfect shoes for THAT occasion. I thought about this the other day as I walked out in the rain and I had on the perfect rain shoes. I was ready for the day. Mainly because of my shoes. My shoes are a metaphor for how I choose to walk in the world. Sometimes my toes feel pinched – maybe because I want to look good. But for who? But for what? Is it really about the shoes? No. Every day I make a choice. Which shoes will work best for me on today? Everyday I hear disturbing, frustrating, sad news. And while I want to stomp it out with big boots, I know that those are the wrong shoes . Those are the days when I make a choice to put on some warm socks with a comfy a pair of shoes. And everyday, there is also good news, sweet stories, and hopeful moments. Those days are meant for flip flops, dancing shoes, or maybe even the vulnerability of bare feet.

I guess I just want you to remember,
every morning – when you are getting dressed, deciding which shoes to slip on, you actually have a choice – you can clumsily stomp around, tiptoe quietly or gracefully glide.

How do you choose which shoes you are going to wear?

Leanne Rubenstein 
Compassion Cultivator
Compassionate Atlanta


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