Woodlands Garden


Woodlands GardenWoodlands Garden, one of Compassionate Atlanta’s charter partners, is all about compassion. The land that makes up the gardens was a compassionate gift to the community from Dr. and Mrs. Chet and Gene Morse after their death.

Their gift is a quiet oasis in the middle of Decatur, just off busy Clairmont Road and Scott Boulevard. But in the garden the passing traffic sounds like a flowing stream.

Then add a partnership with Skyland Trail, a nonprofit mental health treatment program for adults. What is the connection? How about fairies? Yes, fairy…gardens. An annual project of Skyland Trail clients creating fairy gardens shared with over 1,300 children and adults at Woodlands.


Woodlands Garden

A stroll through the gardens catching the whimsical nature of these fairy houses is quite magical.

So, I invite you to enjoy these acts of compassion. Compassion for the earth, compassion for our neighbors, compassion for individuals dealing with mental health issues.

Your turn. Take a few minutes in nature and practice self-compassion. Think about your care for the earth and others and thank the fairies for watching over us!


Woodlands Garden
Woodlands Garden

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