Posted by on February 5, 2021

New year resolutions….Hope

I cannot stop thinking about the profound words from Amanda Gorman that I heard last week “We lift our gazes not to what stands between us, but what stands before us.”

It’s been quite the start to 2021. Just the other day, Iyabo asked me “Why do you have such urgency in your voice?” I had to think about the why. “It’s January. Time to get things laid out for the year.” We covered our list of 2021 programming, always leaving space for the things that come our way. It made me feel better to list things out. To know that we are truly working for the good and that each of these programs touches lives. I felt hope swell up. Iyabo showed me her Zoom call smile. I realized I had felt urgent with hope. Making a list and a plan created a hopeful calm feeling.

As we move into this year, we have so much to give. Stay tuned for exciting things coming ahead. I want to tell you everything!!! But, I’ll ease into it.

For now, we are so grateful for our community, our supporters, our partners and you. Thank you for taking on 2021 with us. There is much to be done and it’s fueled by hope.

Leanne Rubenstein
Compassion Cultivator
Compassionate Atlanta


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