The Time is Now


Do you know what’s really cool about self-care? Everybody wants you to do it. And you’re better off because of it. So this week, I DARE you. I dare you to practice self-care. I have a few suggestions And maybe you can write back and share of your own.

  1. This weekend is going to be beautiful. Take a hike. Like literally go take a hike around your neighborhood in a nearby park, or head up to the north Georgia mountains to see the changing leaves. Being outside in nature is a wonderful way to create some self-healing.
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea. OK, that’s my go to for self-care. So, I invite you to carve out a bit of space to enjoy something. Maybe it’s a movie, it’s reading a book, maybe it’s letting yourself sleep a little later than usual.
  3. Connect with others. Call a friend and go out for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
  4. Pamper yourself. Have you ever gotten a foot massage? It’s time to try it.
  5. Shop local. Yes, I had to say it – shopping. Do we really need more? Well, I have a suggestion go to a local farmers market and enjoy shopping with an added benefit of supporting independent local businesses.

Whatever you do for yourself, believe that you deserve it. Feel grateful for being in this world. You are important. You are beautiful. You deserve time for yourself.

No excuses. Remember… I dare YOU.

Leanne Rubenstein 
Compassion Cultivator
Compassionate Atlanta

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