The Ripple Effect Project-Shining the Light


In this series of articles, we want to highlight different organizations and individuals from the Atlanta area that are making a positive impact on their community.  Some are unheard voices that need to be heard. Others are bigger voices that are focused on community outreach. All these voices are advocating for building a better, more inclusive Atlanta. We want to include all these voices, so they become part of the bigger conversation about compassion.

This is the perfect time to show how much light we actually have inside of every single one of us. These articles will shine a spotlight on what is going on right here in Atlanta.   We want Compassionate Atlanta supporters to read what these people have to say about their projects that they have going on in their part of Atlanta and maybe we can all learn something. Maybe we can get a new point of view.  We want these articles to turn on a light in the Atlanta community, a light that gets turned on inside each one of us every time we become more aware of some of the issues and struggles that our neighbors are going through. Then we can start a conversation around the kitchen table with our friends and family about how we can help, and then they can take the conversation to their friends and family. We can learn so much from listening to each other’s stories.

Jimmy Freels
Community Outreach Associate
Compassionate Atlanta​

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Kroger Community Rewards

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