New Possibilities


Happy 2019! A whole new year full of new possibilities. There’s so much to think about and I am so grateful for each and every one of you who have helped Compassionate Atlanta get to this amazing place.

I recently read an article where the writer said, “People ask me if I’m an optimist or pessimist. I tell them I’m a possiblist.” I love that! What is possible? All around me, I see examples of ordinary people creating great possibilities.

The biggest possible at the moment, on this cold winter night, is the work of a new group, A Home for Everyone in Dekalb. This is a group of concerned citizens, led by two Compassionate Atlanta volunteers, working towards more permanent housing solutions to those experiencing homelessness. Their first order of business was safety for the winter. When the group got started, they didn’t know of ANY warming shelters in Dekalb County. We came to find out that there was a small volunteer shelter open on the freezing nights in Tucker, but that was all.

As of this past 32 degree Wednesday, A Home opened a winter warming shelter in Dekalb. Thanks to the good folks at St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church. With over 100 hospitality bags donated and blow up mats and blankets delivered, 13 people stayed out of the freezing temperatures. On Thursday night there were 18 people. Capacity is 20.

A Home plans to open another warming shelter in the next week or so. In just the last month, here in Atlanta, 4 people have already died in the cold. It IS possible to make sure that no one else dies from cold exposure this winter. It IS possible that a group of ordinary citizens take initiative, recognizes our common humanity, brings compassion to the table and ultimately saves lives.

Tonight is my first night volunteering at the warming shelter. Eleven to seven shift. There are several opportunities to be a part of this. For more information on signing up for a shift or donating items, please contact

What is your possible?

Leanne Rubenstein 
Compassion Cultivator 
Compassionate Atlanta

P.S. Bring your possible to Kavarna on January 24th so that Shannon of Story Muse can teach you how to share YOUR story. Because, remember, anything is possible!

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