Music Cultivates Compassion


We can cultivate compassion through music.  Music cultivates compassion because it is kind of like your friend. It’s always there when you need it, and it’s always there when you feel alone. We are all sensitive to music. If you are feeling down in the dumps, music can bring you out of your depressed state of mind. Music can lift us up when we are feeling down. Music can remind us of people we love.  If someone we love passes away, we can think about the music we used to listen to together.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can listen to music and it can bring you peace.  It can bring you quiet.  It can bring you stillness. But it can also bring you positivity and happiness. If someone is going through a rough time, all they have to do is turn on any kind of music that brings them joy.

If we get exposed to different kinds of music, it is like a flower bud that gets exposed to rain.  We will open up like a person opening their hand. Each petal on the flower is unique and delicate and beautiful.

Classical music like Bach, Beethoven, or Chopin is compassionate because people feel quiet and peaceful. Country music can be compassionate because of the lyrics about love.  Pop music is compassionate because it makes us feel upbeat. Praise and worship music feels compassionate because it helps people connect to their spiritual self. Jazz music is compassionate because the chords are like a garden and each note is a flower. Choral music is compassionate because people come together and sing from anywhere in the world. A cappella is compassionate because the voices work together in harmony. Nature sounds and waterfalls are soothing music too.

Music is a vine that grows from out of you. We all have music inside of us.  We just have a different way of expressing it.   Music is like a flower that sprouts in everyone’s community. Music brings everyone together. Think of yourself as a little flower seed that grows into a music connoisseur who loves any type of music. Jazz, instrumental, choral, a cappella, rock and roll, R&B–any type on the planet.

Do not ever forget, we are all humans trying to make our way through something.  Ten or twenty years down the road, our kids and grandkids will be asking us, “How was 2020 and 2021?” And we will say we listened to a lot of music while we were in quarantine.  Music can even help us get through a COVID-19 pandemic.  So think about what type of music you enjoy and what types of music bring you compassion and peace. So Compassionate Atlanta supporters, I hope that when you finish reading this article, you turn on some music and start feeling that beat of compassion in your heart and mind.

Jimmy Freels
Community Outreach Associate
Compassionate Atlanta

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