Mark your calendars for September 13! #globalmandalaproject


Join us on September 13 in the unveiling of the Global Mandala by our partner artist & activist, Sonia Osio. Read the inspiration behind the project.

My life has been blessed with incredible and beautiful people. Friends from around the world with varied social backgrounds, belief systems, and faith traditions. Traveling has helped me realize that we all cry and laugh for the same reasons, regardless of where we are from.

It is my hope that for the World Day of Prayer in 2017, that all the pieces will have been created, returned, and be sitting side by side in a beautiful mandala of art and love. 

My inspiration started with a conversation with my 12-year old grandson. He was upset about the state of the world. I told him Hope is alive when people everywhere work together. As an artist, I thought, “How can I make this visible?” And I thought of the mandala.

Art can be loud in the silence, has the ability to shift thought and rock the world in a heartbeat.

I am just one mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and artist offering this piece for you…for me…for the world.  I hope you will join me in the effort.

I want my grandchildren to see the world as one piece of Art…
One collective dream, one humanity.

Sonia Osio


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