Posted by on November 17, 2017

The universe sent me a message today…

I was starting to feel depleted. Running from meeting to meeting, gathering to gathering, sitting in traffic. Feeling conflicted about trying to be in two places at one time. All important things. Yet, rather than being inspired, I felt tired.

I know that I carry privilege with me, just to be able to feel tired and make a choice to just stop.

And then today in my email box, I got this message: 

And all of a sudden, my day was changed. I spent the morning with visitors from Indonesia who are working on interfaith relations and compassion in their communities. I was inspired by each one of them in the work that they do. It was so easy to see connections being made across the globe in the name of compassion.

As we head into the Thanksgiving week, I know this can be both a joyous and stressful holiday. So I offer you the wish that you find a way to go where you feel most alive.

Maybe a walk in nature before Thanksgiving dinner, or just a few quiet moments before the day ends, or recognizing the gratefulness around us. The leaves are full of color, new movies are coming out for the holidays, the kettle is full to make a cup of tea and friends are just a phone call away.

Find your place.

With love and compassion,

Leanne Rubenstein 
Executive Director 
Compassionate Atlanta


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