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This week, as we move into a busy weekend full of opportunities for compassionate action, we share the voices from our partners at HOPE: Helping Organizations and People Everywhere.

Witnessing close to 4.6 million people come together around the world—in the largest gathering in recent history—marching in solidarity, we began to wonder what this weekend truly accomplished.

Please understand this post is in no way in opposition to the sitting administration or its supporters, but rather a tribute to the humanity that was shown in the streets this weekend.

This past year we heard the racism, hatred, and blissful ignorance that we forgot continues to live in this nation. We saw our worst fears come into the light as anger and violence became our norm. We felt cheated, helpless, lost, and alone as we were shoved into the shadows created by those who wanted our voices stripped away. This past year we realized that there is much wrong in the world we live in, and unless we stand up, unless we push back, the world will stay that way.

This weekend we took back our voices. This weekend we gave new meaning to the phrase “The people united will never be divided.” We began to truly believe “Yes We Can!” And Yes We Did. We stood hand in hand with thousands of LGBTQ, poor, rich, differently-abled, republicans, democrats, black, white, brown, and yellow, all of whom came out to march for one thing: HOPE.

Hope in the belief that the our better days lie ahead of us not behind. Hope that when one of us, any of us, is put down there is a sea of people ready to lift us back up. Hope in the humanity that lives within us all. Together we have shown the world and more importantly ourselves that we will have our voices heard and we will continue to stand and push to ensure that HOPE lives on.

#WhyIMarch #StrongerTogether


So think about what you are standing for. Reach out to groups doing the work on the ground about an issue you care about. Get involved. We are here to help you be the change you wish to see.

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