Find Your Inner Compassion


Over the past two weeks we have witnessed pain, anger, and injustice, but not hopelessness. People are tired of the racism that permeates throughout our society. How do we move forward to create a more equitable society for all? How do we break gown barriers and see the common humanity that we each bring into the room?

This is brave work. This is necessary work to re-imagine the world we want to live in.  The good news is that there are many ways to be part of the solution.

1. Educate yourself. What don’t you know? What can you read, watch, participate in to learn more about the history of systemic racial injustice and how to to tear it down.
2. Widen your circle. Meet people that don’t look, sound and pray like you do. It will open your world to beautiful and amazing individuals.
3. Be informed about where your dollars go.  Are you supporting black owned businesses? Are you holding companies to a standard of action against racism and racist practices? Where are you investing your money?
4. Show up. You can decide if it’s a zoom call or in an person, socially distanced, mask-wearing event. Just show up.
5. Give generously. Your dollars go a long way to supporting amazing programming. Don’t be shy. Give ❤️

Over the past two weeks, Compassionate Atlanta, along with our partners, has hosted 3 important conversations: Centering Black Grief, Discussing the intersection of LGBTQ+ and developmental disabilities, and the Unheard Voices of Mass Incarceration. We had over 100 people registered and engaged in these conversations that allowed for self-compassion and compassion for others. Theses are important conversations.
As one participant said:
When you hear the stories of those who have lived through tragic circumstances, it sheds a whole new light on what needs to be changed, quite overwhelming. Your program was so eye-opening and interesting – thank you so much for including me!

There is always hope. To invest in hope, we ask you to support our work and give generously to support Compassionate Atlanta to create healthier more equitable communities for all.

Leanne Rubenstein 
Compassion Cultivator
Compassionate Atlanta

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Kroger Community Rewards

Did you know that you can help create a more compassionate Atlanta every time you go to the supermarket?

If you have a registered Kroger Plus Card (available for free at the Customer Service desk in every Kroger store) and a Kroger Community Rewards online account, and choose us as your designated non-profit organization, your purchases will begin earning rewards for Compassionate Atlanta within 7 to 10 business days!