Posted by on May 17, 2018

Connection to our natural world is the highest form of compassion. When we care for our planet we are more connected to community and aware of our choices as consumers. By honoring our water, soil and food and all that is gifted by Mother Earth, we are honoring those we share the planet with and creating more balance and harmony in our lives. Reconnecting people to the biodiversity under our feet strengthens the energy and compassion within one’s self. This, in turn, allows one to share more compassion daily with those in our beloved communities through simple acts of healthy food and clean water, the ultimate form of love.

Shannon Willow
Artist Entrepreneur
Shannon Willow Art, LLC

Shannon Willow is an art activist and facilitator passionate about building community through the power of art. Commitment to environmental awareness continues to be the focus in her work. Shannon brings forth the value of reconnecting ourselves and our walk on Earth to what sustains our everyday life. Our connection and the biodiversity under our feet plays a vital role in preserving nature and balance for ourselves and younger generations. Art is a catalyst for change, and Shannon Willow gifts this in a unique, authentic way through her community building and fine art.


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