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My name is Ayesha, a Decatur High School student and intern at The Love & Light Institute.

I am thrilled to share The Love & Light Institute’s first annual Camp Connect information with you. Camp Connect encompasses exploration of mind, body, emotion, and soul through play, art, and movement for kids aged 8-12 years old in a week-long Summer Youth Camp. This summer it will take place starting June 12 – June 16 from 9am – 2pm. In this camp, kids will learn more about and hone their natural abilities. Camp Connect will provide and create a space where young people feel heard and valued for their authentic selves. They’ll learn how their talents are relevant in society, and how they can expand their use. Through connecting with others, they’ll realize a connection with themselves.

Why I am interning at Camp Connect:

I have felt misunderstood for much of my life. I feel society challenges and does not fully accept our natural gifts such as; being empathic, intuitive, and expressive of our emotions and gut reactions. Many young people are sensitive and expressive in these ways and are not being understood.

For me, it has been extraordinarily difficult to discover and act upon who I am, until I found my voice and a community. Spaces that provide safety to discover, develop, and integrate empathy, and intuition has been the key to my empowerment and positive self-expression. Realizing this is what was missing in my youth, I want to create it for others.

Sometimes, we feel the greatest isolation when we’re surrounded by the most number of people. Having to interact with people may make you even more vulnerable to feeling withdrawn. Personally, I feel out of place. I feel different, socially awkward, and overall, I feel my self- esteem plummeting. I don’t feel like I fit in at all. What weighs me down the most is that I have so much to say and contribute, but what I wish to speak challenges societal norms. As a seventeen year old, I’ve learned to remain quiet most of the time. It’s a matter of being heard and understood; in social situations, that often goes unacknowledged. For me, this sense of detachment and seclusion has resulted in depression and a colossal loss of self-confidence.

Having this experience in my life has prepared me to work with young people and to help them discover their gifts and the fun that life holds. I have and continue to work through my own awkwardness and discomfort so I can be me. I am extremely excited to intern at The Love & Light Institute’s first annual Camp Connect. We are going to have a lot of fun. See you in the sun.

 For more info. or to register, contact Corey Dobyns at corey@loveandlightinstitute.org

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