Be Safe and Stay Compassionate!


We interrupt this normally scheduled post to bring you some ways to help this weekend as people evacuate from the path of Irma. These are just two links of ways to practice compassion in action:

If you have housing to offer: Click here
To help with needed supplies at shelters: Click here 

There are many other ways to help, so reach out and find a way to put practice compassion.

Now we can return to our regular scheduled guest post.
Shannon M. Turner is the founder of StoryMuse. She attended our August Meetupand she had this to say about the discussion…

Last night at a meeting of Compassionate Atlanta, the speaker mentioned Sharon Salzberg’s new book “Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection” as something to look into. I remember Ms. Salzberg’s episode of On Being Studios as one of my all-time favorites because she talks about her GPS as a little message from the universe. Every time it says “Recalculating”, she says it reminds her that’s what we have to do in life. When we get off course, lose track, don’t know what comes next in our story, we just say “recalculating.” I appreciated this anecdote because previously my GPS saying that to me had made me want to throw it out the window. As we are starting to move toward a new season of the year, what do you need to recalculate?

Shannon M. Turner

StoryMuse provides unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, and community development through reality storytelling & theatre techniques–everywhere it is needed. To learn more, check out their Facebook page and website.

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Kroger Community Rewards

Did you know that you can help create a more compassionate Atlanta every time you go to the supermarket?

If you have a registered Kroger Plus Card (available for free at the Customer Service desk in every Kroger store) and a Kroger Community Rewards online account, and choose us as your designated non-profit organization, your purchases will begin earning rewards for Compassionate Atlanta within 7 to 10 business days!