Be Among the Flowers


Sometimes when the world seems upside down, which is often these days, I like to be among the flowers. That might mean gardening or for me, when I have the privilege of working with my mom in her flower shop. There’s nothing quite like nature’s beauty.

So, today we highlight our partner Woodlands Garden of Decatur and their native plant sale. Read more about how you can make an impact and give your soul a little sunshine at the same time. (And try and stop by their Fairies in the Garden Exhibit for an extra little bit of magic.)

While you work towards keeping your space green, have you stopped to think about how your garden could impact the environment in your neighborhood? Plants in your yard can broadly be categorized into native plants, exotic plants and invasive species. The best thing you could do for your garden is to completely remove invasive species and weeds that are likely to take over your yard, eating into resources meant for other plants. Plant natives instead. These occur naturally in a particular region or ecosystem. Without native plants and the insects that have co-evolved with them, local birds and fauna cannot survive. In order for communities to continue living sustainably, it is important to restore native plant habitats and to retain the region’s biodiversity.

Fall is a great time to add to your garden and a plant sale run by gardeners to benefit a non-profit urban greenspace is a great place to shop! Stop by the Woodlands Garden Fall Plant Sale to learn from the experts what plants are perfect for your home landscape. Plants available range in price from $2 to $25 and have been grown by volunteers, cultivated at Woodlands Garden, and received from local nurseries partnering with the Garden for this event. All proceeds from the Fall Plant Sale help fund the maintenance of this public garden. The Plant Sale will be held from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm Sunday October 8 & 15. You can find a host of native vines, shrubs and trees including native azaleas, sourwood, and ferns. The ornamental selection offers Lenten rose, calla lilies, and irises. And so much more!

Kate Baltzell
Executive Director
Woodlands Garden

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