Animal Conservation in ATL


People need to be more aware of animal conservation. If you have animals in your life you have to take care of them, and you have to take them to the vet. It’s the same thing with wildlife in captivity, but on a much larger scale because animals need to have personal caretakers in zoos and in aquariums since some of them are big animals and some of them are small animals, like penguins and polar bears.

“All children like learning about animals.”

All children like learning about animals. I bet some of them will want to work with animals as a career. I think we all should be aware of conservation because animals were here before humans were on this lovely planet of ours. It was theirs before it was ours. Maybe it’s a shared earth for all, humans and other living creatures alike?

Conservation is the act of protecting animals and their natural habitats. At both Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium, they exhibit thousands of animals, but they also both teach people about conservation, and actively participate in conservation projects.

Teaching conservation teaches kids to come around to the idea of how to take care of our animals. If we don’t take care of the animals, some will become extinct. We want animals to be around for years and years to come.

Zoo Atlanta originally opened in 1989 in Grant Park. Back then they had a couple of animals, but then they added a whole bunch more. On the conservation part, they teach kids about animals and Zoo Atlanta continues to contribute to different animal conservation projects.

“Conservation is very important because it protects the environment”

Conservation is very important because it protects the environment that wild animals live in, while it also protects the animal.

Zoo Atlanta funds conservation efforts all over the world, especially in China with the Giant Pandas. You may not know this, but the Giant Pandas are on lease from China; they are not owned by Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta funds different conservation projects protecting Giant Pandas including 8 different nature reserves in China.

Zoo Atlanta has three different categories of conservation projects for Giant Pandas including, research, management, and infrastructure. Giant Pandas should be protected so that generations after us can still go enjoy seeing the Giant Pandas at Zoo Atlanta.

Click here if you want to learn anymore about Zoo Atlanta’s conservation efforts and how they contribute to animal conservation.

The Georgia Aquarium started a conservation project to make sure whale sharks do not become extinct. They are trying to make sure that lots of whale sharks continue to thrive in the oceans. The Georgia Aquarium is the only exhibit space for whale sharks in the western hemisphere. They’ve sent teams to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to study whale sharks in their natural habitat.

In addition, since 2008, Georgia State University has been collaborating with the Georgia Aquarium to gather whale shark research. I think that’s pretty cool that Georgia State students help the aquarium’s efforts to save marine wildlife.

They have tracked about 1,000 whale sharks to see where they migrate to and also to see how well they can reproduce, which will help researchers to know what they need to do now to make sure the whale shark doesn’t go extinct.

I believe we need to have compassion for not only human life, but for marine life and for all wild animals as well, because we don’t want them to leave this earth without anyone caring about whether or not they survive.

There is a video on YouTube about the Georgia Aquarium conservation projects for whale sharks, if you want to, please click here to watch.

Jimmy Freels
Community Outreach Associate
Compassionate Atlanta

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