Posted by on February 24, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s already February 2018! There is so much happening in our world. I want to take a minute and invite you to pause with me and remember the good that we accomplished last year. We’ve put together a Compassionate Atlanta 2017 Year in Review to show you what you have made possible. So take a few minutes and check out the good we have been doing.

And now….hit resume….on to February 2018. Our work is plentiful. We’ve started a compassion integrity training at Phillips State Prison with our friends at Life University, we’re excited by our youth programming, and new partners are coming on board at a steady pace. We are also gearing up to do more work with gun violence prevention. This has been in the works, but as we are all keenly aware, the most recent school shooting calls us to bring out compassionate energy and muscle to the table. Are you ready to join us? This is coalition work and we’ll have more information soon, so stay tuned. There is lots to be done! Your voice matters.

Thank you for making this work possible.

Be safe. Be kind. Be courageous. Be compassionate.

Leanne Rubenstein
Executive Director 
Compassionate Atlanta


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