Posted by on November 2, 2020

As we approach Election Day, we must remember the most important thing – each other. No matter who wins, we continue to live side by side with our neighbors. When political signs come down, so, too, must our divisiveness.

So, how about making sure you vote. Remember we are not just electing our next president, but there are many other races – for US House and Senate, state House and Senate, Public Service Commission, local city mayors and the list goes on. If you have not voted, here are some helpful resources:
For specific information go to – my voter page to find out your polling place, if your early voting has been registered, and even a copy of the ballot so you can go in prepared.

Find your polling place-
Get 50% OFF or FREE rides to the polls-

For more info, or help on your way to the polls, the Election Protection hotline is here for you at (866)-OUR-VOTE.
If you have any issues at the polls, call Georgia’s Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816. Or ask if there is a poll watcher at your voting precinct.

Your Voice = Your Vote. YOU really do make a difference!

Then after you have voted, take that proud selfie with your “I voted” sticker – a true badge of honor!

When you get home, say hello to your neighbors and your family members (extended family, too). Don’t write each other off because you disagree. Find the things you have in common and embrace those. In the end, good leaders matter, and good neighbors are just as important.

Leanne Rubenstein
Compassion Cultivator
Compassionate Atlanta


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